3 signs you need to get MOVING!

Are you waiting for a sign? That magic wakeup call that says FOCUS ON YOUR HEALTH TODAY!

Here it is.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that in 2011-12, adults spent an average of just over 30 minutes per day doing physical activity. However, against the National Physical Activity Guidelines for adults "to do at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most days", only 43% of adults actually met the "sufficiently active" threshold.

It's been established that we're simply spending too much time sitting and not enough time moving. The ABS also cited that sedentary activity occupied an average 39 hours per week for adults, with close to 10 hours of this sitting at work. People employed in more sedentary occupations such as clerical and administrative workers spent on average 22 hours a week sitting for work.

Need we say more? Here are the top 3 signs you need to get moving today!

1. Being constantly fatigued

Are you waking up in the morning still tired even though you've slept 8 hours? Get your body moving early so you can retain energy throughout the day.

2. Limited concentration

Have you ever spent the whole Sunday on the couch thinking that you were 'relaxing' and just becoming more exhausted? It's a trap! If you're feeling flat, tired (or even a bit hungover) make sure your body sees some sunshine and get the blood pumping on a short walk, ride or swim. It's guaranteed to feed some precious oxygen to your brain and give you the energy you've been wasting on the couch.

3. Increased cravings

Knock, knock - it's 3pm calling and we're primed and ready to deliver your sugar cravings. You're getting towards the end of the day, your body is tiring and you're feeling like a little pick me up. Sugar isn't the answer, but it's hard to say no to when your body is saying FEED ME THE CHOCOLATE!

Instead of reaching for a sugary snack, take this opportunity to jump from your desk and take a walk around the block. Have a green tea, some nuts or a piece of fruit to curb your cravings before dinner time. Alternatively, have some protein to keep you fuller for longer. This might be a boiled egg, some cottage cheese on a rice cake or nuts.

It's not rocket science but it is science that says our bodies and minds work better when we're exercising, eating well and keeping good company.

Want to get moving? Get in touch today.


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