Personal training

Struggling to stay motivated? Joined a gym but have no idea where to start? Personal training may be the right choice for you. Enjoy tailored programs to your age, fitness level and capability with a fitness expert. Whether you're just starting out, a seasoned gym junkie or training for something special, personal training will help you achieve it.

Group fitness

The best way to stay motivated is to train with a friend or a group. Encourage each other to push that little bit harder, enjoy the social side and train like a warrior. Halve the cost of your training and join with a friend!

nutritional advice

Health is mostly made up of the food we put in our body. The cleaner we eat, the cleaner our body composition will be. Learn how to identify the right food to nourish your body without restricting yourself to boring, fad diets.

lifestyle coaching

It all starts with you. Changing your lifestyle is important to maintaining your health journey. Learn how to live your best life doing things that you enjoy with people you love.